Below is a series of tutorials I made to showcase how I modeled assets for my Paris project. I used 3D Max and Railclone from IToo software to model balcony rails, cornices and background buildings.
Railclone tutorial
French balcony rails
In this tutorial in am using Railclone to model exterior rails. I am using linear generators and previously modeled sections of the rail. I am using previously modeled sections of the rail and linear gerators to clone them across lines.
Railclone tutorial
French balcony rails 2
Second type of exterior rail modeled using Railclone. I created several different types of balcony rails for this project to get as close as possible with the variation that exists in reality. The same principles apply, closely modeled sections of the rail which are cloned across splines using linear generators.
Railclone tutorial
Cornice details
Modeling neo-classical details for Paris street buildings using Railclone.
Railclone tutorial
Background buildings
Modeling the rest of the buildings from the Paris street using Railclone. By using previously modeled sections of a building and linear generators you can create the whole street very fast.
This technique proved very usefull when trying to create the background buildings with complex details. Please note that small imperfections in the results can be easily amended and aren't posing much problems since the buildings are placed far from camera.